Pulling strings

If you see Jesus Quiroz walking the halls around Wright State you’ll notice that his hands are moving faster that his feet. “I walk really slow when I’m yo-yoing and my friends are like ‘dude come on,’” said Quiroz, a junior majoring in computer science.

What he lacks in foot speed he makes up with his hands. Quiroz has mastered 20 yo-yo tricks since he began the hobby only a few years ago. “You have to learn how to do a trapeze but before you learn a trapeze you need to learn a break-away throw,“ he said. “Once you have all of these tricks you can build a sequence or a combo.”

Quiroz’s tricks may look fun and complicated to students passing by but for Quiroz it’s a way to deal with the stresses of schoolwork. “I have a way to relax after all of the stress of campus and everything,” he said.

Quiroz says he doesn’t know many other yo-yo enthusiasts at Wright State and encourages experienced yo-yoers or those interested in learning how to yo-yo to stop him on campus.

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