Program encourages student participation in Raj Soin College of Business events

To encourage business students to participate in workshops and other activities, the Raj Soin College of Business has launched the Passport to Success program that includes giveaways such as a ReyRey Café tumbler, a professional photoshoot and a pair of tickets to university events.

Students can earn more than 120 points to qualify for different prizes. The numbers of points are divided into five prize tiers.

“The lower tiers are very accessible, with some that can be earned by simply attending one or two college events of your choice,” said Adam Wik, the marketing coordinator for the College of Business. “We wanted our top tier to be a bit more exciting and exclusive. So far no one’s made ‘legend’ status yet, but the event tickets are waiting for any students determined enough to earn them.”

The program analyzes the number of students who attend each event to better coordinate events that business students are attracted to.

“The Passport to Success program is all about improving the student experience,” said Wik. “By incentivizing and tracking student engagement in college events and activities, we’re able to build analytics that quantify how students value these extracurricular activities. We can now see which groups of students engage in which activities, down to the granular level and discover engagement trends.”

More than 200 students are involved in the program. Other Wright State colleges are interested in implementing similar programs, Wik said.

Events are scheduled throughout the semester, including the Blend speaker series, enabling students to network with CEOs and executives from the community.

Students will first need to pick up a physical College of Business passport at a business event and then are entered into the system. They then attend events and swipe their Wright One Card for points.

“The Passport to Success program is very user friendly,” Wik said.

For more information, visit the Passport to Success webpage.

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