Dayton Daily News writes about success of Wright State’s RASE program

Office of Disability Services staffers outside the office

From left: Erendira Lopez-Garcia, Heather Rando and Jean Denney of the Office of Disability Services.
(Photo by Erin Pence)

Wright State University has offered a coaching program for students with Autism for five years now and officials say it has become the precedent for programs geared toward students with disabilities.

Raiders on the Autism Spectrum Excelling, called RASE, provides students with individual coaching sessions during their first year of college.

Students are taught how to better socialize, organize and study, among other things, according to WSU.

The RASE program has garnered interest from other colleges around the country and state. Last fall, Ohio University piloted a program based on RASE and two universities in Massachusetts are also considering implementing a form of the program, according to Wright State.

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