Raj Soin College of Business holds scholarship challenge event for admitted students

Incoming freshmen business students at Wright State got a taste of student life, met their future professors and staff, learned more about the Raj Soin College of Business and interviewed for scholarships at a special event on Feb. 16.

During the Business Scholarship Challenge, admitted high school students had a chance to earn a $1,000 scholarship as part of an interview process that inquired about students’ future plans and leadership skills.

The students interviewed with College of Business faculty and staff, who asked the students about their career goals, what traits defined them and who they admire in business. In addition to the faculty and staff, the students were interviewed by business executives from the Dean’s Corporate Advisory Board: Mitch Hurst, vice president and controller, Speedway LLC; Bill Pohlman, chief financial officer, Cost Containment Specialist LLC; and Jonah Sandler, founder and CEO, Scene 75.

Students also asked questions about the college. “The students are interviewing us as much as we’re interviewing them,” said Thomas Traynor, interim dean of the Raj Soin College of Business.

After the students arrived, Traynor welcomed them to the college and gave a description of some of the services the college provides, such as a future center for career advising where students can work on their résumés, conduct mock interviews and meet with business executives recruiting students to their workplaces.

Traynor said he was excited to show students the College of Business and faculty members, as well as the resources available to students.

“I am very proud to call these faculty members my colleagues,” he said. “Everyone is willing to take time to step up and help. We all work hard with our students.”

During the Business Scholarship Challenge, admitted high school students had a chance to earn a $1,000 scholarship as part of an interview process.

Jason Griffiths, an incoming freshman, said he was excited to learn about the opportunities the College of Business presents, especially as he learns more about his major, which is management, and internships that can come from it.

“I’m glad I get to see how the college works,” he said. “I can get information about the college, and I’m excited to see all the new opportunities.”

Griffith’s father, Ed Griffith, said he was excited for his son to take advantage of more opportunities at Wright State and become more independent.

Don Miller, director of orientation at Wright State, said he was thrilled to be part of a panel that encouraged students to take the next step in applying for Orientation.

“It’s good for students not only to see the school, but we can help them with financing,” he said.

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