High rank

For the second time in in the last four years, Kurt Holden has received a well-deserved promotion from the Wright State University Police Department.

In 2015 Holden was promoted to sergeant and on Dec. 18 during a brief ceremony in the Wright State Student Union, his wife and kids pinned a lieutenant badge to his uniform.

“Kurt has always been involved in the campus community, and I know that it’s one of his passions,” said David Finnie, Wright State police chief.

As lieutenant, Holden will command the university’s Patrol Division and oversee the police sergeants.

Holden has received numerous awards during his career at Wright State including the Mark Losey Ohio Distinguished Law Enforcement Award, a Presidents Award for Excellence in Leadership and a Blue Coat Award for service to emancipated foster students.

Holden serves as a coach and a mentor to foster youths in the Independent Scholars Network. Once an emancipated foster child himself, Holden is commitment to helping students who need strong and dependable role models in their lives as they simultaneously tackle emancipation and college.

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