Wright State reduces costs for students on university health plan

Provided by Anthem Student Advantage, the new insurance plan provides students with the same benefits as previous years with a new preventive dental plan while reducing premiums by 26.5%.

Wright State University’s new student health plan offers domestic and international students with medical coverage at lower, more affordable premiums.

Provided by Anthem Student Advantage, the new plan for the 2021–2022 academic year provides students with the same benefits as previous years with a new preventive dental plan at no cost to students. Preventative dental services are covered at 100%.

Annual rates for undergraduate and graduate students decreased from $2,806 to $2,064, a savings of 26.5%.

The plan covers hospital care, office visits for sickness and injury, and surgery except where otherwise noted. Elective surgery is not covered.

Students do not incur out-of-pocket costs, including a copay or deductible, when seeking care for covered conditions at Student Health Services at the Wright State Physicians Health Center, at 725 University Boulevard.

“Providing a new health insurance plan at an affordable rate is another way Wright State can support our students,” said Chris Taylor, Ph.D., dean of students. “It was important for the university to offer students a health insurance plan with additional coverage while lowering costs. Students who do not have medical or behavioral health coverage are especially encouraged to enroll.”

Michelle Streeter-Ferrari, director of the University Center for International Education, said it is important for international students studying at Wright State to have access to reliable health care.

“We consider the health and wellbeing of our international students as a primary concern during their time here,” she said. “Our international students enroll in our university health insurance plan so that we know they have the best coverage available with advocates on their side as they navigate a new complex health system in the United States. Value and cost are also important, and we are excited to let our students know that the premium has also decreased by more than 25% this year.”

The plan also includes GeoBlue International Travel Insurance at no cost, allowing students to access medical assistance around the world.

Wright State students are eligible for the Anthem Student Advantage Plan whether they live on campus, commute or take classes remotely from home, as long as they are enrolled in at least six credit hours.

Wright State’s student health insurance is a voluntary health insurance program. Enrollment in the program is completed when students register for classes. Students can change their enrollment status through Wings Express.

The deadline to enroll or waive enrollment for Fall Semester is Sept. 3.

Once enrolled, students can download Anthem’s Sydney mobile app to access their insurance ID card, manage claims, search for in-network providers and understand their benefits.

Students who have their own health insurance are encouraged to review and compare the cost and benefits of their plan to the Wright State’s new plan to determine if they can save money.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is also the health insurance provider for the university’s benefit-eligible employees.

More information on the student health plan is available at wright.edu/student-health-services/health-insurance or student.anthem.com/welcome or by contacting Nancy Caupp in the Student Health Insurance Office at nancy.caupp@wright.edu.

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