Great. Big. Friends.

Wright State graduates turn identical career paths into a friendship then a business partnership

Cody Scarberry and Sean Hohenstein had a lot in common — but their paths didn’t cross until after graduation.

They both graduated from Wright State University in 2012 with bachelor’s degrees in accountancy and finance. Both aspired to be business owners. Both worked at Dayton Freight Lines in the accounting department.

“Cody and I both went to Wright State, both accounting and finance majors and had never met each other,” said Hohenstein. “I didn’t think there’s a single person in those programs in the same year as me that I haven’t met.”

After graduation they worked in nearby offices at the Dayton-based trucking company — and even lived a few blocks from each other in downtown Dayton and teamed up on several projects and eventually learned they were both Raiders.

“Once we found out we both went to Wright State we kind of hit it off,” said Hohenstein. “We went to basketball games and stuff like that and became great friends from there.”

The two friends eventually decided that they wanted to explore some business opportunities together.

In 2019, Hohenstein and Scarberry purchased SpeedPro, a large-format printing company in Vandalia. The decade-old business, whose slogan is “Great. Big. Graphics,” specialize in over-sized banners, indoor signage, vehicle and office graphics, and graphics for events and windows.

Scarberry says the connections he’s made because of Wright State has made a huge impact on him personally and his business. “The people that I’ve met along the way probably touch every piece of our business,” he said.

Hohenstein and Scarberry plan to grow their company by adding employees and equipment so they can assist clients with projects for years to come.

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