Leading the way

About 100 Wright State University students along with a dozen staff and faculty members participated in the Established Leadership Retreat Aug. 5-8.

Now in its 16th year, the summer leadership experience is designed to build relationships between student leaders on campus.

“These students are really our most engaged students,” said Gina Keucher, program director for Student Involvement and Leadership. “They really lead our students in great ways.”

The retreat consisted of interactive team building and experiential-based activities, workshops and presentations designed to challenge and engage students in various ways.

“I’m an RA (resident assistant), so if there’s an opportunity for me to learn anything that will allow me to better help my residents, I’m going to do it,” said Lauren Lemmings, a senior majoring in communication studies.

On the last day of the retreat, students used what they have learned and the connections they have made to create action plans for the new academic year.

“There are so many great minds here that have so many great ideas,” said Kaci Lovejoy, a junior majoring in organizational leadership. “They are ready to foster that new experience and instill change on our campus.”

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