Getting social

The College of Graduate Programs and Honors Studies welcomed new graduate students to Wright State University with an orientation session and social and networking event in the Student Union on Sept. 1.

The two free events were attended by almost 100 graduate students, Wright State campus leaders and several area community partners.

“This was a good social thing for everyone,” said Seth Murdock, a graduate biochemistry and molecular biology student. “There are a lot of international students here and a lot of people like me who doesn’t know anybody.”

During the hour-long orientation session, graduate students learned about important policies, procedures and guidelines for their graduate experience at Wright State.

Murdock said this was his first time on Wright State’s campus, and events like this are important to students who are unfamiliar with Wright State.

“Coming here was a lot bigger than my undergraduate school so it was pretty intimidating coming in,” said Murdock.

The social and networking event followed during which students were able to enjoy free food, connect with their peers and meet employers and community partners.

This was the first time the College of Graduate Programs and Honors Studies hosted the Graduate Student Orientation and Social Event for new graduate students.

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