First Responders Participate In Calamityville Training



Being prepared in the case of a disaster is the mission of Calamityville, and on Wednesday first responders were put to the test.

The National Center for Medical Readiness at Wright State University, better known as Calamityville, is a state-of-the-art facility that provides one-of-a-kind training opportunities for first responders sent to make real life-or-death decision during natural or manmade disasters.

Wednesday was the second joint mass casualty training event that is held annually at the facility. Those who took part were civilian firefighters who are learning to work side by side those from the Department of Defense and emergency room doctors.

The goal is to encourage familiarity with joint tactics, techniques and procedures needed to facilitate in both humanitarian relief efforts and in combat situations.

It was a category 5 hurricane on the Gulf Coast that was the focus of the real-life scenarios in Fairborn.


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