WSU honored as one of nine universities to receive a grant from AAUW


Too often, men and women do not realize the issue of the wage gap. According to Behind the Pay Gap, research published by the American Association of University Women (AAUW), women are earning roughly $7,600 per year less than men one year after graduation. Even in the same occupation, men are shown to have a significantly larger salary than women.

“It’s not about bringing men down,” said Stephanie Spencer, the Assistant Director of Career Services and head of Wright State’s $tart $mart program. “It’s about bringing women up.”

This spring, Wright State University was honored as one of nine universities to receive AAUW’s Campus Action Project grant. Three years ago, $tart $mart, a salary negotiating workshop for women, began at Wright State. Due to this grant, Career Services and the Women’s Center will be offering more workshops and working to educate the campus about the importance of closing the wage gap and encouraging women to negotiate their salaries.


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