Student on the Scene—Abilities Expo

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Student On the Scene, a Wright State Newsroom video series

The second annual Abilities Expo brought students, staff and faculty together for an unforgettable experience that was educational for all.

Attendees were given the opportunity to experience what it is like to have a disability—steering a wheelchair, walking with a visual impairment, using adaptive computer technologies etc. Attendees were also encouraged to participate in thought-provoking discussions to learn about disability-related issues.

The Abilities Expo featured hands-on disability simulations, showing attendees that no matter what the task is, there are a number of ways to accomplish it. The event was hosted by Abilities United, an organization that aims to provide resources for students to strengthen advocacy and unity among students of all abilities.

Student reporter Reilly Dixon hit the scene to learn more about Wright State’s diversity and the realities of living with different abilities.

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