ArtsGala raises more than $100K to help support Wright State arts programs


My favorite part of the ArtsGala at Wright State University’s Creative Arts Center on April 6 wasn’t the herb roasted lamb lollipops, tomato bisque shooters or beautiful array of pastry desserts. It wasn’t the valet parking, the red carpet or the wine tasting. It wasn’t the silent auction even though I went home with tickets to Dayton Theatre Guild’s upcoming season as well as the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance’s signature event in September.

Those things were exquisite, but my favorite part of the evening was seeing more than 400 students deliriously happy to share their talents and passion for the arts.

“The energy comes from a deep yearning of the students to do their best performances,” said W. Stuart McDowell, chair and artistic director for the Department of Theatre, Dance and Motion Pictures.

For the past 14 years, WSU’s College of Liberal Arts has hosted this magical event to raise money for scholarships in visual arts, film, theater, music and dance.


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