WSU staff member describes taking shelter


ames Brown and Andy Sedlak spoke with a Wright State University staff member who made the trip to Moore for her granddaughters graduation this week and ended up getting caught in the tornadoes there.

Barb Cwirka is a program coordinator in the Kinesiology and Health department at WSU. She was thinking about retiring to Oklahoma where her daughter and grandchildren live before she got a first-hand experience of severe weather there.

“We had the radios going and they’re saying, ‘Now it’s here, now it’s here,’” she said, describing sitting in the tiny underground tornado shelter she and five others packed into during Monday’s tornado.

It was the second time on her trip she’d gotten to experience the cramped shelter. On Sunday, just one day after arriving in Moore, 10 or 11 people had taken shelter there during a tornado warning. It was standing room only.


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