‘The Wild Party’ Review – Wright State University – Love and War


The excellent local premiere of Andrew Lippa’s 2000 off-Broadway musical “The Wild Party,” adapted from Joseph Moncure March’s 1928 narrative poem of the same name, intimately electrifies at Wright State University.

Presented inside the black box Herbst Theatre, “Wild Party” focuses on the destructive, unstable relationship between vaudeville performers Queenie and Burrs. In an attempt to escape the monotony of their damaged existence, they decide to host a party in their Manhattan apartment. A colorful array of eccentric characters immerse themselves in drugs, booze and sex, including Queenie’s narcissistic best friend Kate, but everyone is thrown for a loop when the sophisticated Mr. Black, Kate’s mysterious date, becomes smitten with Queenie. What was intended to be a frivolous evening of decadence evolves into a dangerously heated game of survival as deep-seated jealousy and smoldering romance collide with tragic results.

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