Hands-on approach to learning encourages students to question more

Lisa Kenyon, Jeannette Loyer and Mackenzie English

From left, Wright State associate professor Lisa Kenyon and graduate students Jeannette Loyer and Mackenzie English are part of a grant investigating how science is taught to grade-school students.


Wright State University associate professor Lisa Kenyon is bringing fun back into the classroom.

Kenyon said the curriculum she helped develop at Northwestern University gives students a hands-on approach to learning. IQWST — Investigating and Questioning our World through Science and Technology — provides four units outlined as stories to create dialogue and prompt critical thinking in classrooms, she said.

The curriculum is for students grades six through eighth and covers physics, chemistry, geology and life science.

“The goal is to make the content more relateable,” Kenyon said. “We want students to get better at asking questions and tackling big concepts.”

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