Wright State police sergeants boost their leadership skills

James Facemire, Chad Oleyar and Chief Dave Finnie

Wright State police Sgts. James Facemire, left, and Chad Oleyar, right, sharpened their leadership skills through a three-week Supervisor Training and Education Program. They are pictured with Chief of Police Dave Finnie.

Two Wright State University police sergeants have sharpened their leadership skills after graduating from a state supervisor training program.

Sgts. Chad Oleyar and James Facemire graduated from the three-week Supervisor Training and Education Program (STEP) school, which was founded by the Law Enforcement Foundation (LEF) through the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police.

“Attendees learn ethics, effective listening and speaking, developing subordinates, supervisory response to in-the-line-of-duty shooting and patrol operations, critical incident management, conflict management,” said Dave Finnie, chief of police.

STEP is designed to help new first-line supervisors understand and handle issues and crises they may have never experienced. It helps newly promoted officers transition from peer-relationship patrol officers to managers responsible for employees, budgets and the public.

Oleyar said the most challenging part of the program was accepting the role of a police supervisor and fully understanding the level of responsibility. He said realizes that his decisions have a great impact on those he supervises and the community he serves.

The program includes 18 modules of civic leadership and communication education so graduates can lead their teams. Those who participate in the program come from a variety of backgrounds, including supervisors, civilians, alcohol and tobacco agents, and others from around Ohio.

“I would recommend STEP for other supervisors. The program lets you know where your weaknesses lie as a supervisor and gives you tools to improve said weaknesses,” said Facemire. “Programs like these help supervisors become leaders.”

“Well-rounded officers are crucial in delivering the highest level of service to our campus community,” said Oleyar. “The Wright State community deserves our absolute best effort.”

More information about the STEP program can be found at lef-oh.org.

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