Adapted Recreation program keeps rolling

Thanks to donations, Wright State University’s Adapted Recreation program purchased new wheelchairs for students to use in its intramural program.

The new wheelchairs replaced wheelchairs that were destroyed in a fire last spring.

Adapted Recreation’s intramural program takes place every Tuesday from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Student Union gym.

“This is a great way to come together and make friendships whether you’re disabled or not,” said Jacob Huff, an intramural participant.

Students in power and sport wheelchairs engage in friendly but competitive battles, stopping only to change games. The court can quickly be converted from a basketball court to a soccer field to a body of water to play sharks and minnows.

“The chairs are the most important part of the program, without them the program wouldn’t have survived,” Jessica Kelbley, with Adapted Recreation, said.

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