Wright State honors Sharon Rab


“Peace has been an important theme to me since my childhood,” says Sharon Rab, founder and co-chair of the Dayton Literary Peace Prize. “I grew up in Fairborn, a military town. I remember hearing military airplanes taking off, and riding my bicycle to the Air Force museum. I was particularly fascinated by a mural that was, at the time, right inside the door, depicting Japanese kamikaze pilots during World War II flying into the decks of Allied ships. I remember thinking, I don’t understand.”

“I realized, as I grew older and was able to reflect back on what it meant to grow up in Fairborn, that the people I know most concerned with peace are members of the military,” says Rab, who grew up in a family with military experience and connections.

These themes were part of her acceptance speech for an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters, awarded by Wright State University at its fall commencement in December.

Read the article from the Dayton Daily News (subscription required).

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