Nationally known author Rachel Naomi Remen to lead workshop for health care professionals

Rachel Naomi Remen

Rachel Naomi Remen

Doctors, nurses, social workers and other health care professionals can reinvigorate their professional calling and deepen their commitment to their daily work by participating in a two-day workshop in personal and professional resilience with nationally known author Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.

Remen is founder and director of the Remen Institute for the Study of Health & Illness (RISHI) at the Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine, a national training institute for physicians, nurses and other health professionals who wish to practice a medicine of compassion, meaning and service.

The workshop, “Rekindling the Flame: Bringing the Perspective of Your Heart Into Your Service Work,” will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn at Austin Landing, 12000 Innovation Drive in Miamisburg on April 15-16.

The workshop will draw on the award-winning discovery model approaches of RISHI’s national and international educational programs to offer participants the opportunity to discover the power of meaning to transform their experience of their daily work. Using reflection, poetry, symbolism, narrative art, journaling, generous listening and small group sharing, Remen will enable workshop participants to reclaim their passion for their profession.

Participants should come to the workshop prepared to remember why they chose their work and recover the deep satisfaction of being a health professional. They will experience the power of the heart’s perspective to transform their work experience; experience meaning as a powerful form of self-care; uncover the meaning already present in their daily work; experience the community of shared service intention that lies beneath the diversity of professional expertise; experience support from a community of professional peers; learn self-tested effective self-care strategies for uncovering meaning in daily work; and learn to create an ongoing professional community dedicated to uncovering the deeper meaning of service work.

Remen is a nationally recognized author, medical reformer and educator, whose groundbreaking course in resiliency and calling for medical students, “The Healer’s Art,” is taught annually at 90 U.S. medical schools and in schools in eight countries. She considers the practice of medicine to be a spiritual path and a path of service. She is internationally acclaimed as one of the earliest pioneers in the Integrative Health movement and was among the first to practice and teach a medicine of the whole person.

As a doctor with a personal history of Crohn’s disease, she brings the perspective of both physician and patient to her pioneering work and her approach to medical education. She is a clinical professor of family and community medicine at UCSF School of Medicine.

Remen is a New York Times bestselling author, whose books of medical and personal stories, “Kitchen Table Wisdom” and “My Grandfather’s Blessings,” have been published in 21 languages and have more than 2 million copies in print. She has received many awards and three honorary degrees for her pioneering work in holistic medical education.

For more information, contact Robert Copeland, chief operating officer of the Remen Institute for the Study of Health & Illness, at 937-245-7450 or

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