‘Pokemon Go’ introduces new students to Wright State’s campus

The release of the “Pokemon Go” last week has already been a huge hit on Wright State’s campus. Hundreds of students can be found gathering near the university’s numerous Pokey Stops and several virtual gyms around the clock.

“The trails, the trees, the paths, you could probably spend hours on our campus playing ‘Pokemon Go,’” said Julia Acosta, leadership studies program coordinator.

The game has become a helpful way for incoming and prospective students to learn more about campus.

“I’m new to campus and I didn’t know this side of campus existed,” said Adrienne Craver, a sophomore who recently transferred to Wright State.

The free mobile app has been helpful for introverted students as well.

“I’m not one to actually get out and meet people. Seeing people that are actually doing the same thing is a big excitement thing for me,” said Trevor Sloan, a freshman computer science major.

As you watch the video be sure to search for the hidden Pikachues!

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