Wright State club football team ranked No. 5 in the nation

For the fifth straight week, the Wright State Club Football was ranked in the National Club Football Association (NCFL) Power Rankings Top Ten. Saturday they travel to top-ranked Oakland University.

“It’s been great because we haven’t lost yet,” said Forrest Cordova, the Raiders senior QB.

Cordova, who also played Division II college football, said the big difference with club football is that the players concentrate on school work first. NCFA players attend practices and games only if their schedules allow them to.

“These guys are working hard. They’re trying to get to the point of where they make themselves proud and they make the university proud and recognize what their hard work and accomplishments are,” said head coach Jimmy Johnson.

The Raiders have three games left on their schedule before the conference championship.

They host Ohio State on Oct. 29, and the University of North Carolina on Nov. 12.

Tickets are $5 for general admission and free to all Wright State students with their ID.

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