Science Olympiad Invitational brings over 1,000 to Wright State

Over 1,600 middle school and high school students competed in 23 events in the Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament on the Wright State University campus on Jan. 28.

Events challenged participants to make and launch bottle rockets, build bridges and hovercrafts and solve forensic problems.

Science Olympiad tests middle and high school students’ ability to solve physics, engineering, math, biology and anatomy problems in complex hands-on and lab events. This year’s event involved 60 teams of students from public and private schools who practice throughout the year and compete in regional and state tournaments and an annual national tournament.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for students to see Wright State,” said Eric Rowley, a physics lecturer and volunteer coordinator for the event.

Over 200 people volunteered at the invitational tournament. Organizers say that they’re anticipating more than 400 volunteers and over 2,000 students when Wright State hosts the Science Olympiad National Tournament May 19 and 20.

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