Graduation success rates of Wright State student-athletes maintain sky-high level

Wright State University’s men’s basketball team has it. So does the women’s tennis team – a 100 percent graduation success rate. And the other teams have similar success, according to newly released data by the NCAA today.

The overall graduation success rate (GSR) for Wright State student-athletes is 87 percent, their second highest overall since the NCAA began tracking the rate of Division I schools with the class of student-athletes who entered in 1995. The 87 percent success rate is eclipsed only by last year’s 88 percent.

“These numbers are a reflection of the strong emphasis placed on academics within the athletic department and our culture of personal development and over-achievement,” said Trevor Doll, associate athletics director. “Our Academic Services staff does a phenomenal job of putting our student-athletes in position to succeed academically.”

The data released Nov. 6 shows that Wright State had five teams finish above the national average for their respective sports, including men’s basketball, which achieved a 100 percent graduation rate. The men’s basketball rate is the highest ever in the program’s history, eclipsing the 86 percent reported over a decade ago.

The women’s tennis team also led the way with a 100 percent graduation success rate while baseball (96 percent), women’s cross country/track (92 percent) and men’s soccer (90 percent) were close behind.

For 46 straight terms, Wright State student-athletes as a group have posted an average GPA of 3.0 or higher. Last fall, student-athletes had an average GPA of 3.26 compared to a 2.89 GPA for students university wide.

The graduation success rate is an NCAA measurement that, unlike the federally mandated graduation rates, includes transfer data in the calculation. The latest graduation success rate data is based on four classes of student-athletes who were enrolled from the fall of 2007 to the fall of 2010.

The GSR allows for a six-year window in which the student-athlete can earn their degree. Although the GSR includes student-athletes who transferred to Wright State, it does not count student-athletes who transferred to another school and were academically eligible at the time of their transfer.

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