DBJ: Wright State alumna, Dayton printing executive talks mentoring

Kate McEwen


Wright State University 2003 alumna Kate McEwen is among the mentors at the DBJ’s 2018 Bizwomen Mentoring Monday event on Feb. 12. McEwen is plant manager for Dayton-based the Lorenz Corp.

The event brings women together in a casual, fast-paced coaching atmosphere, offering them the opportunity to be coached by some of the most influential women in the Dayton community.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given? Don’t let perfection be the enemy of good. If you wait until a situation is perfect before you act, you’ve missed your chance.

 Did you have a mentor, and if so who was it and what did they teach you?Rather than looking to a single mentor, I draw strength from a network of friends and colleagues. I seek out people who motivate and encourage me — both personally and professionally—and who will call me out when I’m heading down a bad path. I have a habit of spreading myself too thin, and my network has rescued me many times. They have taught me to celebrate the wins and learn from the failures. They give me permission to be myself, imperfections and all.

 What advice do you give your mentee that could apply to other women in the workplace? Build a support network. Be brave, make your presence known, and be the one to initiate a connection. If there’s someone you want to know better, reach out and invite that person to lunch. There are plenty of people in the community who are working toward similar goals and dealing with similar challenges as you. If you wait for them to find you, though, you’ll be waiting a long time. Give your network active and regular attention, and you’ll have a reliable source of support when you need it.

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