Business Wire: Marxent hires Wright State computer science grad


Barry Besecker, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, with Emily Novak, who has been hired by Marxent for a web developer position. (Photo: Business Wire)

Marxent announced today that the company has hired Emily Novak, a graduate of Wright State University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science and 2016 recipient of The Marxent Prize – A WSU Scholarship for Women in Engineering.

Barry Besecker, Marxent’s CTO and Co-founder and a Wright State alum said, “Marxent is committed to increasing local access to education in computer science for aspiring women engineers.”

“Dayton is a great place to learn, build a career and innovate. We want to give back by encouraging a new generation of innovators to develop their talents – and we want to hire more local women engineers. Both WSU and Emily Novak represent the best of what this region has to offer. We are thrilled to partner with Wright State and to have Emily on board,” Besecker said.

“The Marxent Prize made finishing my degree easier and allowed me to stay focused on my studies. The opportunity to come and work for Marxent has given me the chance to stay close to my family while pursuing a career in web development with a company that is on the leading edge,” said Emily Novak, Marxent’s new hire and the 2016 Marxent Prize recipient. “I’m glad to be able to stay in Dayton while I develop my career and I can definitely see myself at Marxent long term.”

Brian Rigling, Interim Dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science said, “The Marxent Prize is a great contribution to supporting computer science education for women in our community. Marxent’s generosity allows us to enable women in computer science to complete their studies and pursue their passion, while introducing them to exciting employment opportunities here at home.”

About the Marxent Prize – The WSU Scholarship for Women in Engineering

The Marxent Prize – The WSU Scholarship for Women in Engineering has been awarded by Marxent since 2014. It is a one-year scholarship awarded to returning juniors students attending Wright State University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science. The selection process is guided by a combination of academic performance and project work that demonstrates curiosity about and commitment to software development, gaming, 3D animation, computer vision and other emerging tech.

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