Raider Ninja Warrior

On Sept. 14, 24 Wright State students competed in the first 2019 Raider Ninja Warrior, a fun skills challenge inspired by the NBC show “American Ninja Warrior.”

Teams of four students competed in seven timed challenges that tested each participant’s mental and physical abilities. The challenges included hitting targets with a water balloon slingshot, basketball trick shots, slackline race, catching marshmallows with your mouth and balancing a ball on a stick while running.

“I love the crazy games,” said Riley Ulmer, a senior accountancy major.

“Wright State as a whole there’s a lot going on,” said Fr. Ethan Moore of Campus Catholic Ministry. “Being right here in the middle of campus we really want to offer what we have and who we are as a hub for activity, community and friendship.”

The event was organized by Campus Catholic Ministry and was free and open to all students.

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