New dance course for non-majors explores dance as art

Inside Dance: Dance as Art and Entertainment, a new Wright State Core course, will broaden students’ appreciation for dance as both an art form and a form of entertainment.

Wright State University students can learn about dance as an art form and better understand its place in pop culture with a new Wright State Core course in the Arts and Humanities.

Inside Dance: Dance as Art and Entertainment (DAN 2330) is designed for both non-dance majors and majors. Students do not have to have dance experience or skills to take the course.

“By teaching to the general community of students, we are able to spread awareness of this art form in a way that’s not intimidating but rather taps into their curiosity and interests about dance,” said Teressa Wylie McWilliams, professor and head of dance.

Inside Dance will be offered by the Wright State Dance Program for the first time in the spring 2020 semester on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:30 to 1:50 p.m. Registration for the spring semester begins Nov. 1 on WINGS Express.

It is the first Wright State Core course offered in dance. McWilliams created the course and developed the syllabus, saying that she has wanted students to have the option of taking a Core course in dance since she joined the university.

“Students can learn about dance in a way that is relevant but also broadens their appreciation for dance as both an art form and a form of entertainment,” she said. “I wanted to make dance universal to those that were not necessarily trained dancers.”

McWilliams designed the course to address current trends, influences and cultural phenomena, such as the popularity of reality dance shows, gender in dance, the influence of dance on pop music, especially in music videos.

In addition, the course includes an overview of traditional historical dance styles of ballet, modern, jazz, musical theatre and tap. Students will also learn about what it is like to work as a professional dancer and choreographer.

The Wright State Core is an integrated program of courses and experiences that provides students with the breadth of skills, knowledge and understanding expected of university graduates. The Wright State Core helps students develop the knowledge and skills essential for critical thinking, creative problem solving, meaningful civic engagement, multicultural competence, appreciation for the arts and lifelong learning.

For more information about Inside Dance, contact Teressa Wylie McWilliams at 937-775-3792 or

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