Wright State’s remote summer classes give students many options

Wright State University is making it easier for students to know how their remote classes will be delivered during summer semester. While some remote courses allow students to do their work on their own schedules, other courses require specific times to meet remotely.

In a heartfelt initiative called RaiderStrong Outreach, more than 200 Wright State faculty and staff volunteers made personal phone calls to thousands of undergraduate students in early April. The calling campaign was designed to personally connect with students who were taking all their spring semester classes remotely after March 16 because of the spreading coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“Students told us they wanted to know whether remote courses had set meeting times or no set meeting times,” said Kathy Engisch, interim dean of the College of Science and Mathematics. “We listened, so the Academic Subcommittee of the COVID-19 Task Force worked with instructors and the registrar to get this information for summer semester classes.”

Following an audit of all summer courses, information in the class schedule now indicates whether courses have set meet times or no meet times. All academic classes will be held remotely for summer semester.

Wright State’s Class Schedule in WINGS Express allows students and non-students to search the current course offerings for summer. Students should look at the “Time” and “Days” columns to determine if or when the class has set meeting times. If the listing states, TBA, the format is flexible, allowing students to do their work on their own schedules.

If using the course list on the Admissions website, students should look at the “Schedule” column to see if set meeting times are included for that class.

Summer course registration is going on now. Summer A term and C term (full semester) begin May 11. Summer B term begins June 22.

“Wright State University remains committed to providing students with a robust choice of courses during the summer semester,” said interim Provost Douglas W. Leaman. “And we continue to offer many academic support services where students can still get individualized attention in a virtual format.”

From general education to graduate courses, Wright State offers a wide variety of options to help students stay on track for graduation. Summer is a great time for students to take courses for which they want to devote a little more time and attention. It is also an ideal time for high school graduates to get a head start on their college careers.

Students with questions about summer courses should contact their academic advisor, the department chair or the faculty member teaching the course. Students can visit wright.edu/advising if they need to find the name of their primary advisor.

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