Chinese chamber donates 1,000 protective facemasks to Wright State

A Chinese business organization has donated 1,000 protective facemasks to Wright State University to help fight the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The donation was made by Leo Chan, executive director of the Midwest USA Chinese Chamber of Commerce based in Cincinnati. It came following a conversation with William Holmes, Wright State’s associate vice provost for international affairs.

Holmes has worked to strengthen the connections between the university and locally based foreign resources such as chambers of commerce. Wright State’s University Center for International Education joined the Chinese chamber last year.

“The chamber works on our behalf as a member to facilitate relationships,” said Holmes. “Director Leo Chan has been an advocate for us with potential Chinese partner institutions.”

Chan offered to donate the masks, which the chamber secured from its partners in China, after Holmes asked him where the university might be able to purchase masks.

“He even offered to drive the masks up to Wright State from Cincinnati,” said Holmes. “It highlights what relationships can do for us in these times.”

Chan said the chamber, which has been trying to help the university recruit more students from China, is grateful for the support it has gotten from Wright State.

“It’s time for us to give back now that we’re able to source these PPE supplies from China,” he said.

Chan delivered the masks to Holmes in Dayton on April 30. The masks are stored in the UCIE office.

A total of 250 of the masks are earmarked for incoming international students, UCIE staff members and study abroad advisees. The remaining 750 masks will go to students, faculty and staff upon request.

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