Trifecta training

The Wright State men’s basketball team began their summer workout sessions on July 20 in the Setzer Pavilion, in preparation for the upcoming season.

The team and coaching staff have been divided into three groups because of COVID-19 protocols. The players condition, workout and even live in the groups that they’ve been assigned.

“In case anyone in that group gets sick we’re able to shut that group down,” said head coach Scott Nagy.

The team has implemented new policies for players and staff. Masks are required when entering training facilities. All players are screened by athletic trainers and are required to answer several questions pertaining to COVID-19.

“Kind of the basic COVID questionnaire — sore throat, cough, body aches, taste, loss of smell — and obviously we take their temperatures before we let them in the facility,” said Jason Franklin, associate athletics director for sports health.

Franklin says that his staff also conducts mental health screenings on the student-athletes, looking for signs of anxiety and depression.

Training equipment is sanitized before each practice, including sanitizing dozens of basketballs that are being used.

Nagy says that the team is taking the current situation day-to-day, and he’s glad that they have this time to work together.

“Whatever we have to do to be here together we’re all for,” said Nagy.

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