Mini U takes giant steps

The Wright State University Child Development Center on the Dayton Campus, Mini University, reopened its doors June 1 after closing for several weeks because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Mini University called back our teachers from furlough, two weeks before our center opened,” said ReNae Street, program administrator at Mini University. “The two-week head start allowed teachers and staff to deep clean, sanitize and disinfect the entire school before students and parents returned.”

In an effort to keep all of its students, parents and employees safe, the center has implemented state guidelines for temperature checks, hand washing, classroom sizes and adding their own additional procedures to their daily routines. The state guidelines include logging the temperatures of all children before they’re allowed in the building. If a child’s temperature, exceeds 100 degrees or higher, they will not be able to attend class.

Hand sanitizing stations and social distance markers are also available for parents at check-in. Staff and parents are required to wear face coverings while they’re in the school for drop-off and pick-up.

The school meets state regulations for group size by using clear wall barriers for classrooms with nine or more students. The plastic barriers allow teachers to split the class while keeping students together in the same room.

Plastic fencing has also been installed on the school’s playground to divide the space into three separate play areas. Two outdoor hand-washing stations were installed so children can wash their hands when they return from recess.

Administrators say the center would like to inform the Wright State community that they are doing everything they can to provide a safe place for learning.

Anyone with questions about their new procedures can contact ReNae Street at 937-775-4070.

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