Signs of change

Over the past several months, 20,000 signs — including floor decals, door postings and physical distancing stickers — have been printed and installed by Wright State University’s facilities staff around campus.

The effort is part of the university’s plan to return to teaching for 2020 fall semester with a dynamic and flexible mixture of in-person and remote courses.

“Facilities is a team and we have all participated,” said Kathy Warden, facilities planning manager. “Everybody has contributed to make sure that we’re ready.”

Warden says that facilities staff have worked on a campus enrichment project that includes new signage, complete cleaning and sanitizing of all university buildings, installation of plexiglass safety barriers and a reconfiguration of university space.

Jim Click, custodial services manager, said that 500 gallons of hand sanitizer have been delivered to campus along with 1,200 bottles of disinfectant spray.

Russell Moore, a locksmith in facilities, designed and built dozens of sanitizing stations that will be placed outside of classrooms so students and faculty can clean their work areas before and after lessons. The stations will have cleaner, paper towels and hand sanitizer that facilities staff will check daily.

Classroom seating has been adjusted to accommodate six-foot distancing guidelines. All classrooms will operate at 35 to 50% seating capacity.

“I’m proud and I’m ready for the students to come back on campus,” said Click. “We’ve made a lot of changes across campus, and I think everyone will be excited to be here.”

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