Cleaning service

Dan Parmenter has driven past the Wright State University Nutter Center almost every day for the past six years. First as a Wright State mechanical engineering student and now as the owner of Bright Pressure Washing in Fairborn.

The exterior of the building eventually caught his attention.

“There were really big black mold stains here and out on the sign by the street,” said Parmenter. “I knew we could take care of those, so I decided to reach out.”

Parmenter contacted Wright State’s Facility Operations about cleaning the exterior of the building.

Parmenter and two coworkers, including Parmenter’s father, Randy, who is also a Wright State graduate, cleaned all eight sides of the building, entrance gates, stairs, digital sign and 75,000 square feet of concrete pavement in two weeks.

“For us to be able to give something back to the university it’s really something special,” said Randy Parmenter, who received a bachelor’s degree in engineering in 1988 and a master’s degree in leadership development in 2019 from Wright State.

This was the second time the Nutter Center had been power washed since it opended in 1990.

Dan Parmenter said his time at Wright State and his service in the Ohio Air National Guard have helped him as a business owner and prepared him to handle a job as big as washing the Nutter Center.

“They both have given me a lot of skills to get this far,” said Parmenter.

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