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Wright State hosts area police departments for active shooter training

The Wright State University Police Department joined dozens of officers from Greene and Montgomery counties in an active threat training exercise hosted at Wright State’s Calamityville on July 13.

Over 40 officers participated, including every Wright State police responder and representatives from Fairborn, Yellow Springs, the University of Dayton and Wilberforce. They received instruction from the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Special Response Team.

Participants received solo and team response training during an active shooter threat. Using simulated weapons, officers responded to several active shooter locations and a hostage scenario.

“We are putting them through actual simulated scenarios that would try to make it as real-life as possible,” said Sgt. John Beeler, an instructor with the State Highway Patrol.

Officers also received emergency medical response training that could be used during an active threat situation.

“I learned a lot from going through the drills,” said Wright State police officer Vernon Jeffers. “The more we actually practice these real-life situations, the better we’ll be.”

Kurt Holden, the director of public safety at Wright State, said university police officers participate in active shooter training several times a year.

“If something were to happen, we want to make sure our officers are highly experienced and highly trained to provide a safe environment,” said Holden.

The Wright State Police Department offers free in-person and virtual active shooter training for students, faculty and staff. The Run, Hide, Fight course helps prepare participants to proactively handle an active shooter event or an aggressive individual.

More information about free community policing programming at Wright State is available on the Department of Public Safety website.

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