DDN: Wright State wins award for helping send low-income students abroad


Wright State University was recognized for participating in a study abroad program, taking first place in the medium sized universities category.

Wright State participates in the Gilman International Scholarship Program, a Department of State program which helps students with limited financial needs to study abroad. To be eligible, students must receive a Pell Grant, which allows low-income students to attend college.

Preference is given to veterans when all other factors are equal, according to the Gilman Scholarship website, and the program has a focus on creating leaders in national security.

“Wright State’s strong participation in the Gilman Scholarship program is a testament to our students’ desire to enhance their education with life-changing learning experiences around the world,” said Sue Edwards, Wright State president.

Michelle Streeter-Ferrari, director of the University Center for International Education, said there have been more than 30 Wright State recipients of the Gilman Scholarships since the university began workshops and advising students in 2018.

“Receiving this top recognition for the years of the COVID-19 pandemic speaks volumes to the resilience of our Wright State students to adapt to changing circumstances and still pursue their dreams of an international education,” Streeter-Ferrari said.

Joy Wanderi, associate director in the University Center for International Education, has led the advising and workshop initiative. She said students should know the scholarship is available and the university has resources to help students apply.

“It takes effort and writing winning essays is challenging,” Wanderi said. “However, we work closely with our students to help them showcase their best work.”

Wright State students can learn more about the Gilman Scholarship and study abroad opportunities at the International Education Fair on Wednesday, Nov. 2, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Student Union Atrium.

The next deadline to apply for the Gillman Scholarship is March 7, 2023.

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