Warm gesture

The chilly early morning temperature was balanced by seven Wright State University graduate’s warm gesture, turning Alumni Tower into a picturesque destination for soon-to-be graduates during Alumni Service Day on April 22.

“This area needed some dedicated love to spruce up the beatification,” said Amy Jones, the director of annual giving and a 2006 Wright State graduate.

The alumni pulled weeds, dug holes, planted dozens of flowers and spread black mulch around the base of the 25-foot 4-inch tower.

“It’s an opportunity to do some good,” said George Skipper, a 1988 graduate who returned to his alma mater to volunteer after being away for decades.

“It’s different because I don’t recognize any of these buildings,” said Skipper.

“Several of them haven’t been to campus in a while, and I had to point out where all of the buildings were,” said Jones.

In 1988, Alumni Tower was located along Colonel Glenn Highway. The tower, which serves as a physical tribute to all Wright State graduates, is now situated in Alumni Grove and is often used as the backdrop for photos around commencement time.

Over 30 alumni participated in Alumni Service Day, volunteering not just on the Dayton Campus but also at Hanna’s Treasure Chest, Learning Tree Farm and The Foodbank of Dayton. Volunteers received a T-shirt and were treated to an appreciation lunch at the Spaghetti Warehouse in downtown Dayton.

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