Grant will help Wright State students obtain U.S. passports

Wright State University received a $4,125 grant from the Institute of International Education Inc. to assist students who are in their first year and eligible for Pell Grants to obtain a U.S. passport and facilitate international experiences as part of their post-secondary education.

In its third year, the Institute of International Education awarded 48 institutions as part of its American Passport Project, which will help up to 1,200 Pell-eligible U.S. students obtain their U.S. passports and start their study abroad journey.

“A passport is the first thing that opens up their world to the possibility of study abroad,” said Courtney Temple, executive vice president and chief administrative officer of the Institute of International Education.

Michelle Streeter Ferrari, director of the University Center for International Education at Wright State, said the grant shows Wright State’s commitment to expanding opportunities for underserved students to travel abroad.

The grant will help 25 students by paying $165 to cover their passport application fees, photos, transportation to Wright State, and mailing and shipping.

To be eligible for the grant, students must be a U.S. citizen; a first-year student, 18 years of age or older and enrolled at the awarded institution; Pell-grant eligible; and meet any of the following diversity-identity characteristics: racial/ethnic minorities, LGBTQIA+ students, gender diverse students, first-generation student, students with disabilities, students with demonstrated financial need, veterans, nontraditional-age students, students who have never traveled abroad, or other historically marginalized or underrepresented identities in study abroad at the institution.

The University Center for International Education can assist Wright State students with obtaining a passport for traveling overseas. All travelers must have a valid passport to leave and reenter the United States.

U.S. students and others requiring a passport should not wait until the last minute; ordering and processing a passport can take up to four to six weeks.

Wright State University was ranked as a top college with Gilman scholars by the U.S. Department of State for 2020-2021, taking first place in the medium-sized college category. The Gilman scholarship helps give students with limited financial means the opportunity to study abroad.

For more information, contact Jesse Makowski, international recruitment partnership coordinator, at 937-775-3593 or or visit

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