Full-tuition scholarships to 12 student finalists from the Big Hoopla’s STEM Challenge awarded by Wright State University

Wright State University, home to the region’s STEM workforce and a proud sponsor of the Big Hoopla’s STEM Challenge, awarded full-tuition scholarships to the 12 student winners of the STEM Challenge event on March 17.

The student winners were recognized and their awards were announced during the First Four games on March 19.

The 12 students and their families were elated to learn they would receive scholarships to Wright State.

One parent said the scholarship was life-changing for their family. A student was so excited that she called her brother, who is a student at another state university paying his own way, to gloat about her full scholarship to Wright State.

“Wright State is thrilled to champion our region’s learners in their love of science, technology, engineering and mathematics through its partnership with the Big Hoopla’s STEM Challenge,” said President Sue Edwards. “We are offering full-tuition scholarships to these 12 promising students because Wright State University affirms its commitment to educating Dayton’s next generation of scientists, engineers, innovators and leaders.”

Area K-8 students participated in the Big Hoopla’s STEM Challenge, featuring a basketball “hot shot” and other fun STEM demonstrations at the Dayton Convention Center on March 17, tying together the excitement and passion for college basketball with the power of STEM education. The student winners were selected from the over 500 participants at Sunday’s event.

Wright State joined other regional and national partners at the Big Hoopla to engage students with hands-on science, technology, engineering and math demonstrations, as well as two fun 45-minute shows with award-winning science entertainer Mister C and performances by Eric Energy.

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