Let’s get Lowdy

Wright State Lake Campus unveils new Hoedag mascot with a catchy name

Lake Campus administrators had a lot of fun as Lowdy Laker was introduced to students, faculty and staff during a Happy Mascot Naming Day event in the Boathouse at Wright State University’s Lake Campus on March 14.

Andrea Faber, Ph.D., vice provost and chief administrative officer at the Lake Campus, said students, faculty, staff and community members were asked to suggest names for the mascot and vote on their favorite suggestions. Lowdy was chosen because it means bringing people together, Faber said.

“Students have been excited for this day to come,” she said. “Rowdy finally has a cousin.”

Hannah Ranly, a junior majoring in psychology, said Lowdy will be an important marketing tool at Lake Campus events like open houses.

“It’s pretty cool that we get the opportunity to get our own mascot,” said Ranly. “Having this mascot is another way of promoting our name.”

Kaitlin Rickert, a junior majoring in organizational leadership, was really happy with the name choice. “We can do a lot of play on words with it,” she said.

Lowdy stares out from the banks of Grand Lake St. Marys.

According to The Evening Leader, the legend of Lowdy Laker has been growing for over 100 years. Auglaize and Mercer County residents have reported seeing a serpentine beast with a green eye on its forehead and a red eye on its whip-like tail in the waters of Grand Lake St. Marys. The creature apparently dines on stray dogs and enjoys pumpkin pie for dessert.

While the validity of those sightings is still in question, the Hoedag’s legacy will live on through the Lakers’ mascot.

Lowdy will be working really hard over the next few months, Faber said, attending open houses, various recruiting events and baseball games.

It might also be a good idea to leave your canine pets at home when visiting the Lake Campus.

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