Wright State’s spring 2024 commencement ceremonies in photos

Wright State University’s spring class of 2024 celebrated commencement during ceremonies on April 26 and 27 in the Wright State Nutter Center. (Photos by Erin Pence)

Wright State University honored nearly 1,500 graduating students during its spring commencement ceremonies in the Wright State Nutter Center.

Wright State held a commencement ceremony for its graduate programs on April 26 and its undergraduate programs on April 27.

Graduates in the spring class of 2024 earned 990 bachelor’s degrees, 479 master’s degrees, 30 associate degrees and 17 doctoral degrees.

Graduating students ranged in age from 19 to 67. The class included 248 international students from 22 different nations.

In her commencement address, Wright State President Sue Edwards, Ph.D., encouraged graduates to remain authentic without fear or reservation.

“Embracing your authenticity is not always easy. It requires courage, vulnerability and a willingness to stand out from the crowd. But it’s worth it,” she said. “When you live authentically, you attract people and opportunities that resonate with who you are. You create deeper connections, cultivate genuine relationships, and make meaningful impacts on the world around you.

“So, as you move on from today’s momentous occasion, I urge you to be bold, be authentic, always give it your best,” Edwards said. “Show the world just what Wright State Raiders are truly made of!”

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