Fortune ranks Wright State’s part-time MBA program among the nation’s best again

Fortune has ranked Wright State University’s part-time MBA program among the nation’s best for 2024, the third time the program has garnered such a ranking since 2022.

The part-time Master of Business Administration program, offered by the Wright State Raj Soin College of Business, was ranked No. 48 out of the nation’s top 50 programs and is the only Dayton-area program included in the ranking.

“There is a seemingly endless number of part-time MBA programs, but only some can be considered the best,” said Fortune. “Those that made Fortune’s list this year not only offer top-notch curriculums and access to world-class business school professors, but they also have a track record of seeing their alumni climb to the tops of the Fortune 500 world.”

The rankings were based largely on completed questionnaires from the schools along with data from companies and executives. Survey data components used to compile the final rankings included the strength of the incoming class, average GPA, years of work experience and the number of MBA alumni who are executives.

Fortune’s methodology derived 20% of its scoring metric from data it received from the largest 1,000 companies in the United States and internet search engine traffic. Fortune collected MBA degree data on the number of C-suite leaders from the top 1,000 companies. The methodology also took into account the search volume for each business school on Google and converted it to a yearly metric to measure public perception.

“We are very proud to receive this recognition,” said Don Hopkins, interim dean of the Raj Soin College of Business. “This, together with our other national commendations, help us spread the word about our excellent degree programs and the high level of respect that top employers place on the Wright State MBA.”

In July, the College of Business plans to launch a new accelerated business essential MBA module that will provide students an opportunity to test out of foundation courses. It is a new offering to accelerate students past the foundation courses.

Wright State’s Master of Business Administration program develops managers and leaders whose understanding and vision encompass the total organization. Graduates work effectively within and across functional areas and understand the entire organization and its environment.

Raj Soin College of Business faculty members are recognized in academia for their research and selected by businesses for consultation. In addition, the College of Business has modern and fully integrated classroom technology and state-of-the-art online learning infrastructure.

In 2021 and 2022, Fortune included the Raj Soin College of Business on its list of Best Online MBA Programs.

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