Intel Sponsored Summer Internship Program, offered by Central State and hosted by Wright State, to train students in semiconductor manufacturing

Five high school students and 30 college students will receive hands-on training in electronic hardware design, fabrication and security at the Intel Sponsored Summer Internship Program, which is offered by Central State University and hosted by Wright State University.

A group of high school and college students will spend two months at Wright State University developing their skills in semiconductor manufacturing and fabrication during the Intel Sponsored Summer Internship Program.

This year’s cohort comprises five high school students and 30 college students from Ohio, including Wright State, Central State, Cedarville University, Sinclair Community College and Columbus State Community Community.

The internship program is a collaboration between Wright State University and Central State University to help build a semiconductor educational program and provide experiential learning opportunities for women and students from underrepresented groups.

It is supported by Intel Corporation, which is building two chip factories near Columbus, and the Air Force Research Laboratory through Wright State’s Assured Digital Microelectronics Education and Training Ecosystem (ADMETE) workforce development and research effort.

“This collaborative initiative, supported by Intel, between Central State University’s Semiconductor Education and Research Program and our esteemed partners at Wright State University is more than just gaining practical skills; it’s about building bridges — bridges between education and industry and between today’s opportunities and tomorrow’s leaders,” said Mohammadreza Hadizadeh, Ph.D., Semiconductor Education and Research Program director at Central State. “By illuminating the path for women and underrepresented minorities into the dynamic world of semiconductors, we are proud to foster an environment where diversity and innovation thrive together.”

The program runs from June 3 to July 26 on Wright State’s Dayton Campus. Students will receive a $5,000 stipend and accommodations in campus apartments at Wright State.

The internship program offers students hands-on training in electronic hardware design, fabrication and security so they can develop the skills and knowledge needed to pursue career opportunities at leading companies, such as Intel, in Ohio.

The curriculum includes introductions to microelectronic design and security, cleanroom operations, printed circuit board design and fabrication, and additive manufacturing of electronics.

“The goal is to enhance workforce development in the emerging field of microelectronics and prepare the new workforce in Ohio and the U.S., helping to secure our nation. This program will positively impact women, minorities and high school and undergraduate students from Ohio and nationwide,” said Fathi Amsaad, Ph.D., assistant professor of computer science at Wright State.

Twenty students participated during the inaugural Intel Sponsored Summer Internship Program in 2023.

Thanks to an increase in support from Intel, Central State and Wright State were able to almost double the number of participating students for the 2024 internship program.

In addition to its partnership with Central State, Wright State is part of a second Intel-supported project — the Ohio-southwest Alliance on Semiconductors and Integrated Scalable-Manufacturing.

Wright State is one of four leadership universities in the alliance, which is developing new curriculum and experiential learning opportunities to prepare students for careers in semiconductor manufacturing.

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