Lake Campus offers engineering degrees

Wright State University and the College of Engineering and Computer Science are proud to provide the Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree with a concentration in manufacturing engineering at Wright State’s Lake Campus in Celina.

By working with local industry, regional stakeholders, and the College of Engineering and Computer Science at the Dayton campus, the Lake Campus will offer undergraduate degree programs in both mechanical and manufacturing engineering. Through collaboration with industry and university partners, we will share resources to also add degrees in related fields such as computer science and other engineering disciplines.

Mechanical engineering with a manufacturing concentration will allow Wright State’s Lake Campus to support and provide professional and cost-effective service to industry and aid in our region’s industrial economic development, including co-op and internship opportunities.

This will provide companies with motivated students while enhancing the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in today’s workforce. In return, companies will be able to hire employees with proven skills who are ready for careers in the engineering field, particularly in manufacturing.

P. Ruby Mawasha, Ph.D., the founding director of the Lake Campus Engineering and Computer Science program, will work closely with local industry to identify areas of specialization in manufacturing engineering. These areas may include robotics and automation, micro-fabrication, computer simulation and other areas relevant to the needs of the region’s employers.

Once demand areas are identified, engineering students will begin taking specific classes in those topics.

This skill specialization will occur during their junior/senior year, culminating in the capstone senior design project. The curriculum offers seniors in the engineering degree program an opportunity to do a design project of their choice with approval of a faculty member or engineering professional organization such as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers or Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

For example, students can design a vehicle with maximum miles per gallon under the specific criteria assigned by the advisor. Our goal is that the senior design projects will be jointly developed via industry and the Wright State Lake Campus Engineering faculty. Engineering mentors from industry, along with faculty members, will serve as advisors for the students. Students will then be required to publicly present their projects.

This manufacturing-focused engineering program will provide desirable, highly skilled workers for area industries. These industries currently look outside the region to fill these well-paid positions. By partnering with local industry, our trained graduates will transform the manufacturing engineering field by using their skills and talents.

Members of local industries are invited to meet with Mawasha on Thursday, Sept. 8, at 8:30 a.m. If interested in attending this event, please call Carol at (419)-586-0355 or by email to

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