Leaving your legacy

The sounds of saws cutting through two-by-fours, spikes being hammered through dirt and a symphony of ratchets echo through Alumni Grove.

On Aug. 13, a new bench was installed by the Wright State Ground Department in Alumni Grove, in the area between the Student Union, the Russ Engineering Center and the Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration Building.

The bench was a gift from Carrie and Eric Laspe, both of whom graduated from Wright State in the mid 2000s and wanted to leave their mark at their alma mater.

“Through the support of those who decide to buy a bench, a tree or a brick they’re making a charitable contribution to the association’s legacy scholarship,” said Nick Warrington, assistant director at alumni relations.

Alumni Grove has almost reached half capacity with benches and trees. The grassy area can support 10 benches and 64 trees. Brick donation is unlimited because of the small space that it requires.

To leave your legacy on Wright State’s campus in the form of a gift to Alumni Grove go to wrightstatealumni.com/membership-and-giving/alumni-grove.

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