Earth & Environmental Sciences

Rock Steady: Wright State geology student to present at national conference

Elizabeth Freeman, who plays rugby on a Dayton team in her spare time, believes that some women veer away from geology in part because the field is perceived as a gritty, get-your-hands-dirty career more suited to men.

As a young girl, Elizabeth Freeman would carve up creekbeds looking for fossils. Continue reading

Wright State, Ohio State, other institutions receive $3.5 million grant to increase underrepresented graduates in STEM fields

Photo of Amma Boakye

The Ohio State University, Wright State University and nine other Ohio colleges and universities will share a $3.5 million National Science Foundation grant over the next five years… Continue reading

Filling the Pipeline: State-of-the-art software used to train future geologists

(Left to right) Earth and environmental sciences professor Robert Ritzi, student Reza Soltanian, research associate Naum Gershenzon

Schlumberger Limited, the world’s largest oilfield services company and a leader in environmental services, is drilling for good students at… Continue reading

Wright State students lead professional geologists on field trip

The 18-member group included not just Wright State students but also geologists from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and consultants for environmental firms.

When it comes to field trips, students are normally the ones being led. But a group of Wright State University environmental/geology students… Continue reading

History Hunt

Geophysics student launches high-tech search for missing military gravestones
Jared Shank has turned his love of history and geophysics into a master’s degree thesis project.  He is using magnetics, electromagnetics and ground-penetrating radar to find missing gravestones and graves of military veterans at a Xenia cemetery.

For Jared Shank, it was a treasure in a metal-detecting history hunt—part of the military uniform of a soldier who served in the 1st Artillery Regiment during… Continue reading

Oceanic Life

Wright State student plumbs depths to unlock secrets of toxic mercury
Bowman works as an undergraduate research technician in a trace metal mercury lab for the Environmental Science Department. That opened the door to her current research—trying to understand how mercury cycles through the ocean.

The tattoo on top of Katlin Bowman’s left foot reads, “Pray that I won’t live to see the death of everything that’s wild.” Continue reading

Student launching health inspection career

Deak’s interest in public health grew out of his passion for the environment. That passion was fueled by his mother, who taught chemistry and honors anatomy and zoology at Lakota East High School.

It’s something we often take for granted. We assume the air we breathe is not polluted. We assume the food we eat at restaurants won’t make us sick… Continue reading

$5 million software gift to Wright State training geologists of the future

Photo of Ernest Hauser, Ph.D., showing students the benefits of the new software.

In a Wright State University lab, seismic and well log information fed into a computer are blooming into colorful… Continue reading

Fishing for mercury contamination answers

Photo of Chad Hammerschmidt Environmental Science Professor

Inside three freezers in a Wright State University lab is the bottom of the ocean. Continue reading