From the series President's Awards for Excellence 2014

Excellence in Human Relations (Classified)

Sandy Musick

Sandra Musick

No one gets people quite like Sandy Musick.

As senior database coordinator for the Department of University Development, Musick dutifully assists countless people needing university or alumni data on a daily basis. By sheer dedication and diligence, Musick is able to produce reports and seek solutions with a frequency that can’t be matched.

Lisa Hornick, director of advancement research and prospect management, says Musick’s skills go far beyond the technical—she truly listens.

“Whether one-on-one or in a team meeting, Musick patiently assesses the situation and always replies thoughtfully,” Hornick said. “Musick’s responses usually begin with, ‘What I hear you saying is…’ or ‘If I understand correctly, this is what you need….’ She is always so gracious and will never turn down the opportunity to help someone.”

For 35 years, Musick has been a faithful employee at Wright State. Her work and dedication to her responsibilities has resulted in a positive return on investment to the university from annual increases in report production rate and quality. Since day one, she has maintained a vigilance of the security of the university’s alumni and donor data.

In addition, Musick is solely responsible for the process of verifying and updating Banner address data with the United States Postal Service, allowing the university to maintain a high degree of mail contact with its alumni, supporters, and partners.

Her colleagues unanimously say that Musick’s smiling face and warm, friendly attitude never waver. She is a humble solution-seeker, not a spotlight-seeker and performs her work quietly and with a sense of pride and dignity.

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