From the series President's Awards for Excellence 2014

Excellence in Service (Classified)

Sharon Wik

Sharon Wik

For Sharon Wik, excellence is a daily exercise.

With a combination of attention to detail and pride in her work, Wik embraces all tasks with interest, willingness, and excitement for new challenges. As administrative specialist in the Department of Finance and Financial Services, Wik demonstrates continuing commitment to service and unparalleled leadership to the Wright State communities.

“Sharon’s form of excellence is not occasional, it is day-to-day,” said Marlena Akhbari, chair of the Department of Finance and Financial Services. “She comes to work every day with the same positive, ‘can do’ attitude and conducts our business with accuracy, timeliness, and grace.”

Wik facilitates communication between the department’s constituents—from students and faculty to administrators and business partners—with the utmost consideration and respect. To make adjuncts feel like valued, important department members, she created a failsafe method to orient new adjunct faculty with a checklist of teaching resources, CaTS’ needs, department services, book orders, and many other resources.

She is responsible for maintaining the department’s course inventory, billing, travel forms, typing, copying, exam preparation, supply orders, book orders, and nearly every type of clerical task. Wik accomplishes these tasks with a pleasant attitude that positively affects those around her.

Wik also goes above and beyond in supporting the functionality of the Finance Club, coordinating the club’s annual tour of Wall Street in New York City.

Wik is on the frontline to further Wright State’s mission to support its faculty in their commitment to teaching, research, and service. She is a key ingredient in retaining students to make them feel like they have someplace to go and someone to talk to when there is a problem.

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