Marathon reading of Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’ expected to draw a crowd

ParadiseLost-bok-coverA shared public reading of John Milton’s epic, 10,000-line poem “Paradise Lost” is expected to draw more than 100 visitors when it occurs on Tuesday, April 7, in the Student Union as part of National Poetry Month.

The Milton Marathon will begin at 8 a.m. in the Rathskeller (008) and last until about 6 p.m.

Paradise Lost is Milton’s retelling of the story of the Garden of Eden and the temptation and fall of Adam and Eve. It includes a visionary account of the beginning of the universe and the original epic battle between good and evil.

“The poem contains breathtakingly beautiful descriptions, strong and unforgettable characters, a tragic plot and a final promise of hope,” said Henry Limouze, professor emeritus in the Department of English Language and Literatures. “The great English critic Dr. Johnson wrote that the poem was among ‘the greatest products of the human mind.’”

The Milton Marathon, which is co-sponsored by the department and hosted by students in ENG 4200/6200, is the fifth that has been held at Wright State. Each marathon has drawn more than 100 visitors.

The event is open to everyone, and people are invited to help read as much or as little of the poem as they like. Copies of the poem will be available. There will be regular breaks, and snacks and drinks will be available.


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