Veteran storytellers

On May 21, Nischwitz Field hosted the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball team. The players were greeted by cheering fans, American flags and representatives of Wright State’s Veteran and Military Center (VMC).

The VMC’s Veterans’ Voices project interviews veterans who are willing to tell their battlefield story and then edits the footage so that it can be archived and preserved.

“I could probably use my wildest imagination and try to come up with some elaborate story as to what these gentlemen and ladies have been through,” said David Morse, an Air Force veteran and Wright State junior working on the Veterans Voices project.

The Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball team is comprised of competitive, athletic veterans and active-duty soldiers who have lost limbs. Over the years, the squad has battled able-bodied teams at more than 150 venues in 35 states.

“We’re getting the public to be aware of what veterans go through and what they were doing. I think it’s important to bring awareness,” said, Jeniffer Seavey, Veterans’ Voices project coordinator.

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